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Posts by Lauren Robinson

5 tips to rock outsourcing your marketing

Jana Dolejšová is an independent marketing strategist with 12 years of experience in developing marketing plans for SMEs and leading both internal and external marketing teams. She is able to give established businesses a fresh perspective on their marketing efforts and assist new initiatives and startups in growing. Jana explains to us that the decision […]

Why you shouldn’t run from railway-orientated typescript

A round-up of top tips and interesting history of railway-orientated typescript from Robin Pokorný Robin Pokorný is passionate about helping others integrate the functional programming approach into their work. At his company, Klarna, they have a golden rule when it comes to programming, which is to achieve maintainability and robustness, Robin aims to give other […]

Martin Splitt and Making friends with the Googlebot

Amongst his many talents, Martin Splitt is a technical SEO specialist and came to WebExpo to get us up to date with the new evergreen Googleboot. He allows us to get up close and personal with the process of getting your site indexed from start to finish with plenty of tips and actionable information along […]

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