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Buckle up, web developers, because WebExpo 2023 is coming in hot!

If web development is your thing then we have some seriously epic speakers! You won’t want to miss a minute of this conference if you’re looking to up your web development game. We wanted to showcase some ideas about what speakers and workshops you can plan as part of your day.

Who should you race to see?

First up, we’ve got a keynote from Filip Hráček, who’s going to teach us how to create futuristic UI designs (coming from a seasoned programmer!), that’ll have your users feeling like they’re in a sci-fi movie! I mean, who doesn’t want to feel like they’re living in the world of Blade Runner or The Matrix?

Next on the roster is Harry Roberts, a web performance guru who’ll be showing us how to optimise Largest Contentful Paint. But wait, there’s more! You can also join his workshop to learn all about web performance optimisation techniques. Say goodbye to sluggish load times and hello to lightning-fast websites!

Are you looking to build beautiful web apps that’ll knock your users’ socks off? Then don’t miss Stephanie Stimac’s session! She will be dropping some serious knowledge bombs on Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) with a focus on user experience and visual design. Say goodbye to boring, basic apps and hello to beautiful, functional designs.

Jhey Tompkins from Google is up next and he’s all about creative coding. Get ready to supercharge your coding skills and create some seriously stunning visual experiences. Jhey is an award-winning creative coder, so you know he’s got the goods to deliver a session that’ll blow your mind.

Voice interfaces are extremely important in today’s world, and Léonie Watson is here to teach us how to design and build them like a pro. As an accessibility engineer, she’s got the skills and expertise to take your voice interfaces to the next level. Prepare to become a voice interface ninja, folks.

Finally, we’ve got Maxime Beugnet, senior developer advocate at MongoDB who’s going to show us how to build a serverless COVID-19 REST and GraphQL API in just 40 minutes! Say what?! He will also be leading us through a free conference workshop that you can find out more about here.

The WebExpo conference is bringing the heat with some seriously talented experts who are going to be leading some amazing talks, workshops and roundtable discussions. From futuristic UI designs to lightning-fast load times, beautiful web apps, creative coding, voice interfaces, and building APIs, this conference has it all. So grab a coffee, put on your favourite coding playlist, and get ready to level up your web dev game!

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