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Don’t go around and around, be part of our roundtable discussions and mentor hours

As the premier conference for professionals in the web industry, WebExpo provides an unparalleled opportunity to network with your peers and get your voice heard.

One of the unique features of WebExpo is our roundtable discussions and mentor hours. These intimate sessions give you a chance to connect with other brains in your field and have your questions answered by experts in the industry.

So, how do the roundtable discussions work?

Each discussion includes five active participants and a moderator, so you can be sure that as a participant, you’ll have plenty of time to discuss each question. Participants are decided on first-in basis, so make sure you’re prepared and on time. Each participant prepares a question about the chosen topic ahead of time and comes ready to discuss other participants’ questions as well. After a quick introduction from each participant about who they are and what they do, the group launches into an interactive discussion about each question, with seven minutes dedicated to each participant generated question. And don’t worry about feeling shy – other conference attendees are welcome to quietly watch the roundtable discussion, so you can still benefit from the conversation even if you’re not an active participant. With 30 chairs set up for the audience and the opportunity to network with participants afterwards, you’ll be in good company!

What are some examples of roundtable discussions?

This year, we’ve got more than a handful of roundtables taking place, with a little spotlight on a couple here:

You can see more roundtable discussions on the program right now.

For WebExpo regulars, we’ve got an improved format for these fan-favourites, so the environment will be the best it’s been.

What about mentor hours?

Our mentor hours is your opportunity to meet one-on-one with experts in their field. During mentor hours, you’ll have the opportunity to ask specific questions about the topics that our mentors have announced as their expertise. Whether you’re struggling with a particular project or looking for advice on how to advance your career, our mentors are there to help you navigate your professional journey. They’ll listen to your concerns, offer guidance, and provide actionable steps to help you overcome any obstacles you may be facing.

Meet some mentors

Our industry expert mentors are on hand to help in a wide variety of technical, design and marketing fields. Here’s a little introduction to some of the mentors (and there’re many more):

  • Karel Dytrych, from Freelo, simplifies other people’s businesses. He works in SAAS and is super passionate about project management. Make some time if this is your jam!
  • Jana Korbičková, from LMC, helps people find a new job or employee with Jobs Round the Corner and educate themselves with Seduo. She’s integrated in the design process from strategy, research and data analysis to improve UX. Make sure you say hello if this is your bubble!
  • Jan Toman, from Supernova.io, has established the design systems teams at Kiwi.com and Productboard, and has a diverse background in digital. If you’ve looked up #designsystems on Twitter, no doubt he’s close to the top. If you’re into UX and design systems, make sure to set aside some time!

One more thing… The “Discomfort zone”

Not quite a roundtable discussion, not quite a mentor hour, we have aptly named “Discomfort zone”, led by Riki Fridrich. This session fits in the middle and will discuss serious and hard-hitting dev topics that are sometimes a little awkward to talk about. Tools like ChatGPT are here to stay, so let’s ask “will AI take my job?” as a starter. We will be discussing the most coveted questions surrounding this topic and more.

So, what are you waiting for?

Whether you’re looking to network, gain insights into your industry, or get your voice heard, WebExpo is the perfect conference to make your ideas count. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to connect with your peers and take your career to new heights. Register today and get ready to make your mark in the web industry!

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