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WebExpo Workshop

Session focus

  • Backend Dev
  • Design Thinking & UX
  • Frontend Dev


Nothing scheduled yet...

There are no public workshops scheduled, however, we can notify you when we have a schedule or discuss hosting a workshop in your office. Feel free to get in touch.

Session details

Workshop summary

Deep dive into the libraries that bring a whole new world to the boring old web. Animation, physics, 3D, audio and video. In 4 hours I will show you the possibilities of today’s technologies. We will create an immersive experience in a web browser only. But we will go further. Almost everyone has a phone. What a powerful device full of sensors. You can instantly pull everyone in the game. Our phones will become remote controls, gamepads to interact with our presentation. It will be fun. It will be creative.

What will the attendees learn?

  • Web based games and visualisation
  • 3D, animations (HTML, SVG, Vue.js, Three.js, p5.js, Matter.js, GSAP)
  • Connecting mobile phone as remote controller (REST API – Express.js, Websockets – Socket.io, gathering sensor data from mobile phone)
  • Creative map visualisation (PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Mapbox, OSM data)

Who is the workshop for?

UX designers, SW developers

What are the attendee requirements?

PC, smartphone

Meet your presenter

Jan Vlasatý

Fullstack javascript developer


Connect with Jan

Jan Vlasatý is a full-stack javascript developer at Prague City Data Platform, Golemio. He contributed to the data processing and monitoring project of the Prague Public Transport and other web projects, such as covid.praha.eu, pragozor.cz. He has also created large-projection, interactive data visualisation and games for the Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning (CAMP), which is part of the Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR Prague).

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