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48 LinkedIn posts in 8 hours

While creating a half-year company’s LinkedIn content in one man-day seems like a mission impossible for a human, it’s a daily bread for AI generators. Vladana Bačová knows better than anyone as a content marketer and CEO of a marketing agency Pretty Much Nomads, how important it is to stay at least one step ahead of the competition, that’s why they tested various AI tools. Let’s delve with her into the question that has piqued the interest of many: Are AI text generators more of a threat or benefit for content writers?

Choose smart

One of the first challenges when integrating AI into copywriting is selecting the most suitable tools. Here are the top four of Vladana’s company choices to use when creating content. Some of the most useful tools Vladana mentions are copy.ai, OpenAI, chat GPT, etc. But what was the procedure to create 48 LinkedIn posts in 8 hours? Let’s take a look at it step by step:

  1. Contesaur – digital content marketing planner used to plan all the topics of the marketing mix.
  2. Chat GPT – AI text generator to create the draft of the text.
  3. Grammarly – a tool that helps you write mistake-free text in a required tone of voice with other stylistic features.
  4. DeepL – your best friend if you need content in a different language than English.

4 ways AI text generators will win your heart

no more staring at the blank page – We all know the anxious feeling when we are sitting in front of a blank page trying to awaken our creative selves but our muse has gone on vacation. Having a text to start with, brings you such a relief even if you decide to change the whole thing eventually.

no repetitive text creation – So you finally sweat out a wonderful piece of text but you have to rewrite it for different channels. Leave it up to AI and have a cup of coffee instead.

no more annoying copywriting – Cold emails are something that drives Vladana crazy. What drives you up the wall? Just close your eyes and imagine someone would do it for you in a blink of an eye. What a perfect picture, isn’t it?

🔎 focus on editing – Since the AI text generator creates a draft of the text for you, you can actually spend more time polishing the text to perfection in no time. It puts the junior copywriters in an uneasy position but serves as fuel to keep up and get better with the new technologies.

The copy-paste myth

Many people think using AI text generators is just about copy and paste. It’s not as easy as that. There can be another person using the same prompt but your experience, knowledge of your audience, and personal touch is the key to making your text unique.

Do you speak prompt?

Chat GPT is great but not a genius, it’s rather like your slow colleague so make sure to keep these 3 principles in mind when giving instructions:

☝ clarity and conciseness

☝ focus of the conversation

☝ relevance and no distraction

To get more hacks and tips on how to master your prompts in content writing take a look at practical use cases, hit the link, and check Vladana’s talk from WebExpo 2023.

For better or worse

Sometimes you can feel like GPT is useless, especially when not getting the results you expected, does not really help. However, remember you are the one with the brain here, the result only reflects the quality of your prompt. Most common misunderstandings happen when you give too much information and too many instructions at once, use jargon or ambiguous language, and leave out some important information or restrictions. Chat GPT is a tool, not a mind reader, so in general, unless you tell it exactly what you want, it’s not capable of delivering it.

Once you find a common language GPT will become your indispensable working buddy. It gives you a hand when it comes to brainstorming ideas, simplifying complicated pieces of text, consulting, and problem-solving. It can even help you to put yourself into your persona’s problems or offer support as a mentor or coach.

Even AI coin has both sides

While AI presents immense opportunities, it’s redeemed by various challenges. Some of the issues Vladana mentions are repetitive results, language limitations, the need to verify information, ethical concerns, and lack of legislation. 

Vladana concludes that the increased use of AI is inevitable. However, with strategic thinking and creativity, emphasis on quality over quantity, and collaboration between copywriters and developers, designers, product owners, and other departments, the future of copywriting with AI is bright. 🚀

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