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Posts by Nicole Piková

Born October 18, 2008 – As time goes by with 15 years of WebExpo

Let’s take a walk down memory lane. And get a sweet little promo while you’re at it! Stepping back to 2008, it was a very different time. Sites were responsive more by accident than by design, nested tables ruled supreme, and then there was Internet Explorer. MySpace was checking out, Facebook was becoming the hot […]

48 LinkedIn posts in 8 hours

While creating a half-year company’s LinkedIn content in one man-day seems like a mission impossible for a human, it’s a daily bread for AI generators. Vladana Bačová knows better than anyone as a content marketer and CEO of a marketing agency Pretty Much Nomads, how important it is to stay at least one step ahead […]

So wrong it’s right: Breaking best practices in copywriting

Yael Ben-David is a wordsmith who took an unconventional path from journalism to neurobiology and, eventually, to the realm of complex product copywriting. It’s this diverse blend of skills that empowers her to shed light on the strategic moments when deviating from best practices can lead to remarkable outcomes. Navigating the delicate art of deviating […]

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