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Design for business impact – 3 actionable tips that you need to know

Jan Řezáč is an established web design consultant and supervisor who specialises in helping businesses to develop websites that outperform that of their competitors, he came to WebExpo to give us an insight into designing for business impact. Something you will learn from Jan’s talk is that Jan is passionate about using hard evidence and […]

How intimate do you need to be before exposing yourself?

Public speaker, teacher and author, Lutz Schmitt uses wit and humour when discussing topics on privacy, design ethics and theory, and all things internet…as well as being an evil mastermind! Have you ever thought about why some people take part in and release private videos of each other? Or how intimate that relationship must be […]

Hey Boss, send me to WebExpo please!

Five compelling reasons to convince your manager to send you to the web event of the year What would make spending two (or three) days at one of the best technology conferences out there even better? If you got paid to go. After all, WebExpo is an event packed with incredible insights about cool new […]

If marketing or business is your thing, check out these talks we’ve got lined up

If you are looking for an event that will enhance your decision-making abilities and improve customer experience, then WebExpo is coming to you with a value-packed program. We’ve covered what to expect for designers, developers and everything in between so how could we forget you, the marketers and business people that bring all these ideas […]

Web Designers unite!

Calling all web designers, the WebExpo conference is just around the corner, and you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to expand your knowledge. With the ever-changing digital landscape, we all know how important it is to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques to ensure you deliver the best user experience […]

WebExpo 2023: Step up your design systems game!

Design systems are taking over the world of product development, so we wanted to ensure that this topic would be represented well at WebExpo 2023. We invited amazing speakers from all over the world to share their hands-on experience with design systems. And trust me – you won’t want to miss it! Here are some […]

How can game UI and Web Tech work together?

Studying 3D graphics programming at Uni and thinking that game building is low level, Prabash Seneviratne, known as Bash, explains how he has come to realise this is definitely not the case. During the presentation, Bash explains how web designers can work alongside UI developers to build the next generation of great games. Read on […]

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